Bad Crash on Windows using LC8

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon May 23 11:09:28 EDT 2016

yesterday I was mentoring  a newbie with LC 8 stable on Windows.

Via Skype, he shared his screen. and we went throught the process of building a stack, making groups setting them as background, putting scripts into the stack scripts and calling from button etc.

He uses MSWord and PowerPoint and Excel most of his day… and has the habit of doing frequent backups by using "Save As" and adding/appending a version number-date in the file name and then keeps working in the new document.

He saved the stack then did a "Save As" and then "the pea soup hit the fan" as LC when into an infinite loop saying that there was already a stack in memory, please purge.. Cancel, Purge Save buttons in the dialog were all unresponsive and we were sitting there a bit aghast as LC keep looping and flashing through this, re-rendering/flashing the stack in the background and the dialog box on screen. Attempts to hit cancel did nothing. Control-dot interrupt did nothing…  He had to kill the process.

Fortunately the stack had been "Saved As" and so now he did have the document in it's last iteration + the one he had saved as… and neither were corrupt. But it was a scary moment… and not a very good experience for a new user of the software.

I am unable to replicate this on my mac.. though I have had a number of instances where if you choose "Close and Removed from Memory"  later in the session if you open that stack the IDE tells me that the stack is still in memory and do I want to purge it… this seems somehow related.

Anyone else getting this? has it been reported already?


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