Cloning a SQLite (or any SQL) database

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Sun May 22 23:52:47 CEST 2016

Check out LiveCloud for LiveCode
Addresses the cloning element but it's seems like a closed database architecture so you have to adopt their model
I've played with it but yet to build anything production grade with it. 
The team is extremely helpful and stays with you every step of the way. It holds excellent promise. 

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On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 1:47 PM -0700, "Paul Dupuis" <paul at> wrote:

On 5/22/2016 11:19 AM, Mike Bonner wrote:
> If you just need to duplicate the database, would making a copy of the file
> be sufficient?

Yes. I should have been clearer. While I could just copy the file for a
sqlite db, this app may use MySQL (or someday, possible other flavors of
SQL database) and I'd like to have a generalized routine that just
relies on LiveCode and "standard" SQL commands.

Also I already see that "standard" SQL commands may be an issue in that
I would have assumed DESCRIBE  to get the details of a table was
part of sqlite, but now I see you need to use other tricks to get a
table description in sqlite.

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