Livecode audio recording & pledging

Alex Shaw alex at
Sun May 22 02:08:27 EDT 2016


I consider myself very much a hobbyist programmer these days but when 
the opportunity comes up to help develop some fun projects, Livecode is 
my goto language of choice. It has certainly come a long way since the 
Metacard days!

A few years ago I developed some software (mac & pc) to allow users to 
create audio story books. I worked fine but the as the problems 
associated with Quicktime got worse I ended up having to use a 
combination of shell calls to SoX and FFmpeg to record and play sound 
with LC.

That project has since moved onto another development team (yes, a whole 
team) but I found it quite interesting how very few high level languages 
support good cross platform audio recording.

I have just doubled my pledge because although the multimedia 
capabilities of LC were really starting to date I think things are 
really starting to improve with LC8 and having something as simple as 
cross platform audio recording is quite important.

Everyone uses LC for different reasons and it can only get better ;-)


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