Arrays vs databases

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> On May 20, 2016, at 12:47 PM, Bob Sneidar <bobsneidar at> wrote:
> If there were a way to "query" an array which returned another array with matching keys, that would be okay. But I cannot search an array right now, so as a database for finding information, it's not all that great. Oh sure, I can write repeat loops to go through every single key to find the ones I need, but I would have to write the logic for all that. Ick! Why not just use a memory based database, or even an sqLite database? I just do not see the point to using arrays as a database when there are single and multiuser solutions all over the place.
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In relation to the OP, it might be that arrays are a very comfortable storage mechanism. It is true that traditional DBs have many useful commands to search data. Chunking and other LC array commands are very powerful in their own right.

In the end, there are a lot of options available to best meet the needs for any developer. Nothing wrong with considering your options.

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