Don't understand unicode handling

Thierry Douez th.douez at
Fri May 20 13:07:20 EDT 2016

Hallo Tiemo,


To import text from a UTF-8 file and display it in our stack we just need
to read it in, uniEncode() it and then display it as we learnt earlier.

*put* url ("file:greek.txt") into tUnicodeText

*set* the unicodeText of field 1 to uniEncode(tUnicodeText,"UTF8")

If we want to export text from our stack we simply go in the other direction

*put* uniDecode(the unicodeText of field 1,"UTF8") into tUTF8Text

*put* tUTF8Text into url("file:greek2.txt")

Guess it's what you need....



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