Don't understand unicode handling

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri May 20 13:00:39 EDT 2016


I have a file exported from an older genealogy program A, which I want to
import into another genealogy program B. Program B is pretty new and modern
and is supposed to support Unicode.

When directly importing that exchange file, all special chars get corrupted
in program B.

When reading the export file into a field of a LC 8.0 program and writing
the field with LC via: put fld "Out" into URL "file:myFile"

and importing that LC file into program B the special chars are still

My thinking was, that in the moment, you get data into a field in LC 8.0, LC
converts it automatically into Unicode and so it would be also Unicode, when
writing this field into a file.


I am also using UltraEdit as an editor. Opening the exported file I can
convert the data "from ASCII to UTF-8 (Unicode editing)". If I do that with
the exported file, all special chars are fine, when importing the file into
program B


Do I still have to convert data with LC 8? Where am I thinking wrong?

Thanks for a push into the right direction







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