Trevor DeVore interviews CTO and CEO

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Thu May 19 19:54:55 EDT 2016

I really liked your words, Bob .

I once managed a developer team coming from far. One of the guys wanted to
learn skiing and I had a wild thought, I bring him up to the highest peak
of the mountains above 10,000 feet, and we just try. It took almost a full
day to go down the slopes. I never ever critizised, only cheered him up for
every right move he did. At the end of that day he could no longer move,
but he had learned skiing, and the next day he went on his own.

It was a fantastic experience, for me, and for him, and even years later we
enjoyed the memory of it.

I also feel like cheering up this fantastic team, and all the creative
people here, and let us go to the highest peak, nothing less, never giving
up, moving ahead, supporting, and focusing attention to the right moves.
Such attitude supports our own set of skills mastering the fulfillment of
our own ideas. All are the team.


On May 19, 2016 23:50, "Bob Sneidar" <bobsneidar at> wrote:

> Years ago, a company called Now Software decided it was time to refactor
> their aging code base to produce a more modern application that would be
> much easier to develop new features for. They wanted to switch from a
> proprietary database to a SQL base so that it would be easier to create
> other applications that could interface with the data.
> They stumbled along for about two years, not really getting very far,
> producing a few alphas, and in the end they not only gave up, but they
> closed their doors and stopped distributing the software altogether. So my
> favorite multiuser contact, to-do, and calendar application I depended on,
> which many argued was the best in the business at the time, fell into ruin,
> because they took on this obviously gargantuan task.
> This was my fear for Livecode when I heard of what they were about to
> attempt, and I fairly held my breath the whole time. But here we are today,
> and the nearly unattainable has been attained, and I for one take my hat
> off to all the developers and salute them. We all know how easy it is to
> start something, and how hard it is to finish it (finishing something is,
> by the way in my estimation, a myth).
> The fact that we are here should instill great confidence in us all that
> the developers at Runrev can pull off pretty much what they set their minds
> to, and I can attest to the fact that I am much more motivated about my own
> projects when someone looks at them and says, "Hey, I could really use
> that!"
> I guess what I am saying in a roundabout way is we ought to pause as the
> Livecode community and temper our criticism about what isn't in LC8, and
> consider how it would be if there was no LC8 at all, and furthermore no
> RunRev anymore. <shudder>.
> Bob S
> On May 19, 2016, at 08:39 , Heather Laine <heather at<mailto:
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> Dear List Folks,
> Great interview just been posted to the blog! Some searching questions
> from Trevor :)
> <
> >
> Enjoy.
> Regards,
> Heather
> Heather Laine
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