Blast message to multiple objects..

Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu May 19 19:30:06 EDT 2016

Rather than have "all controls matching a mask ..." get the message, I 
think it would be better to introduce a publish-subscribe model.

One example (not one you can use directly :-) is in the IDE, see the 
publish/subscribe section of

but those ideas could easily be borrowed for your own purpose (or, maybe 
less easily, made into a general-purpose library for all to use).

-- Alex

On 19/05/2016 23:38, Mike Bonner wrote:
> I don't suppose its possible to dispatch or send a message to a group of
> objects all at once is there?  (for example lets call a bunch of buttons
> named *cough* sprite##)
> Its not that difficult to write a loop to dispatch to each, but it would be
> very interesting if one could release a message into the wild, and all
> controls matching a mask would sit up and take notice.
> It would be nice to be able to pop out an "reintialize" message, and any
> controls with that particular handler would.. well.. reinitialize.
> Just curious.
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