Using the MergGoogle with Google Sheets

Monte Goulding monte at
Thu May 19 19:19:27 EDT 2016

> On 20 May 2016, at 8:38 AM, JOHN PATTEN <johnpatten at> wrote:
> Oops… Yes that was a typo. It returns 219,25,11,mergGoogleAuth  465,25,11”
> Is it my understanding that the example stack should work right out of the “box?”

It should in LiveCode 8 Indy + work out of the box. In earlier versions of LiveCode you will need to get the IDE to load the bundle. By following these instructions:

> Also, the part about the pScope in the sample stack, it is “ <>< <>>,” does this need to be changed to a specific spreadsheet url? 

No, leave that as is for spreadsheets. The scope of the OAuth dialog was deliberately left flexible so we could implement other APIs and perhaps allow the dialog to be used for non-google OAuth providers.
> I’m a little unclear on what the result I should be seeing in the sample stack? However, it seems like I should be pointing the sample stack to a specific Google spreadsheet. 
> I see a drop down button labeled Spreadsheets. Will this show all the spreadsheets currently in my Google account when the stack is working correctly?

Yes it will list all the spreadsheets in your account and when you pick one list the worksheets within and so on.



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