Infinite LiveCode, APIs and the Google Sheets API?

JOHN PATTEN johnpatten at
Thu May 19 13:56:05 EDT 2016

Hi All,

So, I have never dived into any APIs, or LiveCode (Widget) Builder, but yesterday I read about the the release of the Google Sheets API ( <>). If you look at the Google Sheets documentation it lists some quick start strategies ( <>) that require specific development languages. What!?? No LiveCode option?  :)  

Before I spend time trying to understand whether it would be possible to tie a LiveCode project to a Google Spreadsheet, …the thinking here is that it would be very useful to allow people/teachers/students to create LiveCode apps and store simple data into a Google Spreadsheets. This would be as opposed to storing them on an db. Google Sheets would give them the ability to generate reports from the data their LiveCode apps sent to the Google Sheet. 

Does Infinite LiveCode (Widgets) and the Google Sheets API a provide the potential to create a widget that would/could be used to say, define the Google Sheet, the columns in a Google Sheet, and then the ability to send data from LiveCode to the Google Spreadsheet? (Like maybe send an array of data to the spreadsheet) Or, am I totally off the tracks with this idea?

I would not know where to start with something like this, but if folks think it is possible, I’m game to learn.

Thanks for any feedback you may have!

John Patten

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