[OT] Want to help build a new HyperCard

RM richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Thu May 19 06:08:09 EDT 2016

Over on the Yahoo group "Discussion Group for Hypercard" there is this 

This seems to be a seasonal phenomenon, which never comes to much, and I 
help wondering why it keeps coming up.

One thing that does cross my mind is that maybe (?) some of these people 
haven't heard about
Livecode. But that does seem a bit odd.

"New" Hypercard has been "done" at least twice: Supercard and 

As Livecode is now available in a Community (as is 'free') version I 
cannot see any possible reason
why someone might wish to create Hypercard; especially as Livecode 
contains a super-set of the features offered
by Hypercard (I sometimes think of Hypercard as 5% Livecode).

I think that 'We' (that's another word that can be discussed at length) 
ought to be thumping our
tubs a lot more!


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