Storing and retrieving data from a SQL database

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Wed May 18 22:17:48 EDT 2016

Why not just use parameterized queries?

On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 8:16 PM, Paul Dupuis <paul at> wrote:

> Does anyone have some really good (comprehensive) routines to escape and
> unescape text data for storing in a SQL database (like SQLite or MySQL)
> basics like:
> replace cr with "\n" in pText -- replace any cr with "\n" for new line
> replace tab with "\t" in pText-- replace tabs with "\t"
> replace "'" with "\'" in pText-- replace single quotes with an escaped
> single quote
> replace quote with backslash&quote in pText-- replace double quote with
> escaped double quote
> but I expect I am missing some characters that SQL manuals say should be
> escaped. What about slash itself? And do you unescaped them in the same
> order you escape them or reverse order or does the order matter?
> I could Google the manuals, write some code, test it and revise until
> I've found all the characters and got the order to escape and unescape
> down correctly, but I figure someone else may have already done this
> comprehensively and be willing to share their code?
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