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Wed May 18 12:03:43 EDT 2016

Hi Bob,

> Am 18.05.2016 um 17:58 schrieb Bob Sneidar <bobsneidar at>:
> Hi Klaus.
> What I did is create a bullet point graphic (could use an SVG path??)

unfortunatley we cannot use SVGs like a“regular“ image object (yet)!

> then set the imageSource of the first character which I insert (like a space) to that image. I will preface each line with a space and a tab, then set the first tab spacing to enough to make the list pleasing to the eye. This way the items of the list are all left aligned.

I did want to use a datagrid of type TABLE with no more scripting ;-)

Thanks anyway!

> Just one way to skin that cat (I apologise to cat lovers for the phrase).
> Bob S



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