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Mon May 16 13:24:19 EDT 2016

Alain Vezina wrote:

 > Why we can’t make a copy - paste in a text field in iOS and Android
 > (using the clipboardData).
 > I develop apps for helping people in French spelling and grammar and
 > I do need copy and paste in text field.

If attempting to use LC fields for mobile apps, copy and paste is only 
the beginning:  it's extremely difficult to emulate the OS-native 
selection handling users are accustomed to.

For the long term, extending LC's field object to work well on mobile is 
one of the stretch goals outlined in the current crowdfunding proposal:

As convenient as that'll be for some apps (and necessary for those that 
need styled text), LC does provide support for OS-native fields right now.

Once created via script, OS-native mobile fields offer several messages 
useful for apps like yours, including inputBeginEditing (similar to 
openField), inputEndEditing (similar to closeField/exitField), 
inputTextChanged (similar to textChanged), and inputReturnKey (similar 
to returnKey).

Text can be put into mobile native controls and retrieved from them via 

And all the while, they use the same conventions for interaction users 
expect, including not only copy and paste but also selection handling, 
auto-complete, and more.

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