LC 8 is great but

Alain Vezina alain.vezina at
Mon May 16 11:46:36 EDT 2016

Hi all,

There are great things in LC 8, especially the widget browser.

But I don’t understand why some capabilities are not yet in LC engine.
Why we can’t make a copy - paste in a text field in iOS and Android (using the clipboardData).
LC team promises it since 2012.

I develop apps for helping people in French spelling and grammar and I do need copy and paste in text field.

In iOS, I found a way to solve that problem: I replace some text fields by HTML pages I build in my program. But it is not possible to do the same in Android device because the place where you can write is in the specialFolderPath("documents"), but the HTML page you create must be in engine to be accessible by the browser.

So I can’t transfer my apps on Android devices.

Anybody has an idea to bypass that limitation of LC?

Alain Vézina

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