Defaults for groups

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon May 16 17:28:00 CEST 2016

Sorry if I'm being stubborn about this:  I'm looking forward to the day when 100's of newbies "hit" on Livecode Community as a trial.

It is better if the "gotchaya"  behaviors of the IDE are reduced to the bare minimum.

It matters not that in the past a group may have been used to surround controls with a border and show a label.. in *all* other environments (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, synFig, whatever…)

A group, its dimensions, it's rect, and its properties are comprised of the objects it groups and nothing more. It is not the business of the IDE to start adding "adornments" (borders, line width, show name, margins)

The default now leave the newbie (and even me until recently) flummoxed. I turn the border off, set line width to 0, set the bottom of the group to the height of the stack…hmmm why is there a two pixel transparent space below the largest enclosing control in my group. Set the rect of the largest control (bkgrd)  but wait? Why is the group rect a different size… (OR) my background grc appears to be cut off.

These are the things that IMHO, make Livecode challenging… and they are so easy to fix. With small changes in the IDE behaviors.

A + B + C → group  →  (A+B+C) and no other props set unless you, as the developer, chose to make them so.


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>Why not have a Development menu in all of you projects that have little things like this? For instance I created a Center Window handler and put it into my Development menu. When I launch I check the environment and remove the development menu if it's not "development". 
>Bob S

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