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Mon May 16 07:07:15 EDT 2016

On 16/05/2016 11:53, John Dixon wrote:
> It was in the latest webinar, I think.. it was mentioned that
> database connectivity will be coming to HTML5, but rather than
> guess... Is it possible to know when this will actually arrive..
> It would be nice to know in which quarter of the year, if its
> introduction can't be nailed doen to a particular month ...:-)

Database connectivity in the way that "normal" LiveCode apps have 
_can't_ be provided on the HTML5 platform because JavaScript apps can't 
open raw sockets.  It's unlikely that you'll be able to connect an 
LiveCode HTML5 app to a MySQL server in the foreseeable future, for example.

In the future, the plan involves improving the networking and URL 
operations available in HTML5 standalones to allow you to use REST APIs 
to persist data (e.g. using FireBase).  However, there's no current 
schedule for doing this work, so I'm not able to answer your question.


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