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Dave Kilroy dave at
Sun May 15 16:21:12 EDT 2016

Yeah that inspector is buggy.

I think this  'Key:' and 'Value:' properties are only for when you are using
the inspector to add or update elements to it - although the inspector still
has rough edges...

If you click the "+ Add new element" button at the top of the 'Arraydata'
property field, then highlight the new key in the 'Arraydata' field and then
click in the 'Value:' field and write something followed by a keying tab or
return the value will appear in 'Arraydata'.

But quite a lot of the time the 'Key:' field is of no use (the hilited key
in the 'Arraydata' field always seems to over-ride anything in the 'Key:'
field. And the inspector seems to be unable to accept data for
multi-dimensional arrays.

All a bit horrible, I use script to populate the array's arrayData property.

One other thing that is a bit annoying is that the hilitedElement returns
the key with a trailing comma so we have to do something like:

on hiliteChanged
    put the arrayData of me into tDataA
    put the hilitedElement of me into tElement
    put tData into fld "fldData"
end hiliteChanged

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Peter M. Brigham 
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