tree view widget

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Sun May 15 12:52:37 EDT 2016

I saw that 8.0 was announced, so I downloaded it to have a look.

I see there is a tree widget.  However, looking at an instance of this
object through its property inspector, I see the inspector has a "key"
field and a "value" field.  I would expect these to display/edit the
key/values of the widget. However, when I click on a line of the field
marked "array data", nothing appears in the key field below (even though
line 1 ot the "array data" field has "1" as a key, and "hi" as value.

Through the message box I can get/set the arrayData of this widget as an
array, and the property inspector's "array data" field is updated.

Is it my installation that's broken, or am I misunderstanding the UI?
Or is this a bug?


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