HTML5 LC Download Icon?

Rick Harrison harrison at
Sun May 15 10:18:22 EDT 2016

Hi Herman,

Yes, I understand now that everything gets downloaded
with this HTML5 deployment including my app.
That being the case, I find the icon to be annoying, but
I’m glad to here that my future (already paid for) license
will get rid of the thing.

HTML5 still being in the early experimental stage which
also has no means of communicating with outside files
or databases kills any potential usefulness of it’s
abilities for me.  That makes it difficult to determine
when I should start my license for it.  I was looking
for a finished/polished product, not a beta/experimental

Since HTML5 downloads my app anyway, it probably
makes more sense for me to just have a standard link
in one of my webpages which points the user to 
download and install the correct version of my app
for Mac or Windows or Linux.  Then my app can
talk to whatever files or databases it needs to,
without any unwanted green icons.

What I really wanted from HTML5, was something
similar to a “Dream Weaver” on steroids for LiveCode
that would write the HTML5 for me for easy deployment
to my server-side website.  I didn’t want a client-based
downloading type app that doesn’t communicate with
files or databases.  Oh well…

Thanks for your response!


> On May 13, 2016, at 12:44 PM, [-hh] <hh at> wrote:
> Just to avoid misunderstandings for HTML5-standalones
> (one has to read Peter's posts always twice...):
> Using a licensed version of LiveCode disables the
> download icon. But:
> Downloading can NOT be disabled, no matter the license.
> Reading scripts can NOT be disabled, no matter the license.
> Not showing the download icon/link does NOT disable the
> download and script view of the zipped stack. Even the extra
> HTML5 license does NOT allow to protect the source code.
> The zipped stack is in the same folder as the calling HTML.
> If the default is used then replacing the last path item in
> the browser by "" downloads the stack. Or you
> have to use a custom zip name (find its name in the HTML
> page source code, no matter the license).
> I told my naming convention the users of my HTML5-modules
> in the HTML5 forum, so they don't have to look into the
> HTML source (for example "").
> Hermann
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