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Sat May 14 05:01:21 EDT 2016

On 14.05.2016 11:40, Monte Goulding wrote:
> I'm not overly fond of the direction this conversation is going. Us v them is unproductive and there are many benefits to the platform for going open source.
>> AND, as to "complaining"; I often wonder where one draws the lines between "complaints"
>> positive criticism and negative criticism.
> I would draw the line on complaints v positive criticism at whether it is a well written bug report. It's not hard to work out why it is less constructive to raise issues elsewhere. Negative criticism would be things like unnecessary negative statements about new versions of the platform on your Facebook page about learning it...

If that "jibe" is directed at me you might like to reflect on the nature 
and the target audience of my Facebook page:

This is a support page for the classes I teach every summer to to 
children between 8/9 and 16 who have
NO experience of programming at all.

It is also being followed by approx. 15 kids (that's the number who have 
reverted to me so I am aware of them)
  outwith Bulgaria who are using those examples offered there to learn 
Livecode themselves.

The comment to which you no doubt refer: "While Livecode is supposedly 
"Stable" it is really NOT ready for use, so best left alone at present."

is only there because I am well aware that children getting ready to 
attend my classes this summer will go to the download page and see
Livecode 8. Should they download Livecode 8 they will be faced with 
something that is far more complex than Livecode 7. It is not suitable
for the Summer classes I shall be teaching this summer, both because of 
the complexity I referred to, and the fact that it is not as stable as 
Livecode 7.

This is NOT negative criticism, this is a message tailored for a certain 

I will consider, next year, should I conduct summer programming classes 
then, introducing children to Livecode 8 on the last class
of their course.

Teaching people how to drive a articulated lorry with a gear stick that 
coupled with a splitter allows one 16 gears is daft if they, first,
haven't learnt how to drive a salon car. Especially if the artic. lorry 
has a small problem with some of its synchro-mesh.

That is NOT a negative criticism, it is a statement of informed opinion.

Here's an example of negative criticism: "The heads-up display in the 
Toyota Sprongo is useless."

It is negative both because it uses a word that stops one dead in one's 
tracks, and offers no suggestions as to how one might
sort that problem out.

"Not ready for use" leaves the door open, that, in time, the thing will 
be ready for use.

One thing that you may be unaware of is that I am an educator with many 
years experience of working with children, and
while I may be capable of all sorts of clever things, that is probably 
because at the age of 54 and buckets of study I have built
up a body of knowledge which the average 10 year old does not possess. 
So I cut my coat to suit those children on that Facebook page.

Best, Richmond.
> Monte
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