Sound and video on Windows - help needed urgently

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri May 13 21:12:21 EDT 2016

I have had good luck using a player with dontUseQT set to true as long 
as the audio is created with a codec that Windows supports. I haven't 
had to use video, but since you mention invisible players, I assume 
audio is the target.

We tested m4a on a Windows 10 machine and it worked, but previous 
versions of Windows did not unless the user downloaded the codec. I 
think if you make sure that the correct audio codec is installed on the 
machine, the player should work correctly.

On 5/13/2016 5:03 PM, Tore Nilsen wrote:
> I have a group of students up for national exams in computer science
> in late May. In Norway, high school students bring their own
> computers to the classroom and to their exams. One of my students has
> a PC with Windows 10 installed. She reports that she is unable to use
> the player object on her computer.
> We do not know what tasks they will have to do for their exams until
> the day of the exam, but previous exams have always contained one
> task where students are asked to incorporate sound or video in their
> application. In previous exams this task will have the students
> prepare a media file (sound or video) and use it for different
> purposes like a background track for a slide-show, a popUp window to
> show videos or as a timed soundtrack for an animation.
> In situations where the player object may be visible, we can always
> use a browser-widget to complete the task. However, in situations
> where the end user should not be able to control the player object
> directly, or where the player object for other reasons needs to be
> invisible, this is not a solution for this particular student.
> Does anyone know if setting the dontuseQT to true will help? If not,
> are there any other option we can try? Or should we start
> transferring all her previous work, alongside LiveCode to one of our
> schools older laptops, in order to have her up and running in good
> time before her exam?

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