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Sat May 14 01:11:50 CEST 2016

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On 5/13/2016 2:02 PM, Paul Dupuis wrote:
My first gut reaction was "So, I and the other 24% minority of people
paying for licenses are funding an awesome development tool that some
76% of you folks out there are using for free. People who only use
Community and grip should be sending the 24% of us who pay thank you cards!"

I had the same reaction. It is, to my mind, the height of chutzpah to complain about things one receives for free. It is a delusion to think that a contribution to a kickstarter 3 years ago is still funding current development.

Frankly, when the kickstarter was announced, I didn't think they were shooting high enough. I'm amazed it got done, which is why I bought my indy license. If RunRev ever goes down, I will be one sick and depressed puppy for about 6 months. My last and best hope for continued software development is Livecode. If I have to go to Java or C, I think I will travel to Alaska and try and make friends with a grizzly instead.

That being said, I am paying for it with my own money so I can create apps that help me in my work environment. While that benifits me, there certainly is no "return on investment" to speak of, other than the fact that the guy who snickered when I told him I was going to write an app that auto filled PDF forms is no longer snickering. :-)

Bob S

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