SVG Widgets Work Well -- User Contributions - Screen Casts

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Fri May 13 18:19:17 EDT 2016

SVG widget, despite limitations at the moment, is awesome making icons. No more PNG's that go "all bust up" if you resize them…

Go to… download what you want as svg.

Note that there are cases where the svg is in several paths. So if you open in Illustrator, select all and make compound path, save and *then* use that in the SVG widget… it works.. even unexpectedly where you may have e.g. 3 dots that you would think must be independent paths…

My suggestion is that you might better expose that tip on making compound paths.

Which then leads my question on user contributions channels. Let's say we discover something useful that we feel is really buried in terms of what newbies would need and might be frustrated trying to find.

How does one best get that into the mix of documentatin/tutorials. Another useful channel I see is YouTube itself… lots of people posting things like "How to do this in Outlook"   3 minutes, max

But it is fragmented.

We do a lot of small tech screen casts internally and it would be trivioal for me or many others to start recording video and just do a "Up and Running with SVG Icon"   2 minutes, open stack, drag SVG icon out. Switch to browser, download SVG switch to illustrator, make compound path, open in Atom, copy and paste into Livecod… and verbalize the gotchas  like "if your path doesn't start with "m" then it wont' work… be sure to select between the quotes… you don't need all that code at the top. Etc."

So if one did make such a screen cast. Where would it go

We are not talking about issues/problems or work around, but just things that actually do work but which may be obscure.


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