Infinite LiveCode - Message from CEO

Paul Dupuis paul at
Fri May 13 15:02:14 EDT 2016

It is *always* worth noting that statistics can be unintentionally
misleading, take out of context, and intentionally misinterpreted.

I saw the statistic in the LiveCode 8 Launch webinar that 24% of
LiveCode licenses are paid and 76% are Community (open source) licenses.

My first gut reaction was "So, I and the other 24% minority of people
paying for licenses are funding an awesome development tool that some
76% of you folks out there are using for free. People who only use
Community and grip should be sending the 24% of us who pay thank you cards!"

However, that gut reaction in no way takes into account the "gift in
kind" contributions of people using only the Community license in (a)
contributions to the source code; (b) time spend on submitting quality
bug reports; (c) time spend on helping others with useful advice on the
forums or email lists; and (d) many, many, other similar contributions
of time.

However, if you are getting something for free AND you are not
contributing anything at all (time and/or money), stop complaining ;-)

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