HTML5 LC Download Icon?

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Fri May 13 12:44:10 EDT 2016

Just to avoid misunderstandings for HTML5-standalones
(one has to read Peter's posts always twice...):
Using a licensed version of LiveCode disables the
download icon. But:

Downloading can NOT be disabled, no matter the license.
Reading scripts can NOT be disabled, no matter the license.

Not showing the download icon/link does NOT disable the
download and script view of the zipped stack. Even the extra
HTML5 license does NOT allow to protect the source code.

The zipped stack is in the same folder as the calling HTML.
If the default is used then replacing the last path item in
the browser by "" downloads the stack. Or you
have to use a custom zip name (find its name in the HTML
page source code, no matter the license).

I told my naming convention the users of my HTML5-modules
in the HTML5 forum, so they don't have to look into the
HTML source (for example "").


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