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These are valid points. I covered a great deal of ground in that
presentation however this was an angle that I missed. I certainly didn¹t
intend any offense with that omission and if I gave any then I do
apologize for that. We are all extremely grateful for the many ways the
community contributes.

I¹m also pleased to see a number of new contributions this week which is

Kind regards,


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>-hh wrote:
> > I can't forget this community-trivializing pie chart
> > "The Story of community"(see webinar at 6:37), based on
> > pull requests: 2% community, 98% LiveCode (ignoring
> > the fact that many pull requests of the LC-team are
> > essentially based on time-consuming community LC QC
> > reports).
>Pull requests are a seductive focus for measuring community engagement
>because the stats are automatically provided by Github.
>But I agree that it's a mistake for any project to measure by that
>single index, as so many do.
>In addition to bug reporting and triage, there are also many other
>categories where the community plays a strong supporting role for the
>A few days ago I listed some of the outstanding work being done by so
>many educators in our community to introduce LiveCode to teachers and
>students around the world, and in areas like community technical support
>we see Bernd and Klaus and yourself making very significant
>contributions throughout the forums to help newcomers feel more
>empowered as they learn LiveCode.
>One of the reasons I advocated using the domain exclusively
>for the Community Edition is so that we can do a better job of providing
>acknowledgment for the full scope of community contributions.
>If you have any thoughts on how we might track those better I would be
>keen to hear them.  Unlike pull requests, which are tallied
>automatically for us, other forms of community contributions are more
>difficult to track, often relying on subjective assessment (and without
>sufficient coffee too easy to forget something important).
>Any ideas you or others here have for better assessing and acknowledging
>community contributions would be very welcome.
>  Richard Gaskin
>  LiveCode Community Liaison
>  richard at
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