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Richard Gaskin richard at
Fri May 13 12:52:52 EDT 2016

-hh wrote:

 > I can't forget this community-trivializing pie chart
 > "The Story of community"(see webinar at 6:37), based on
 > pull requests: 2% community, 98% LiveCode (ignoring
 > the fact that many pull requests of the LC-team are
 > essentially based on time-consuming community LC QC
 > reports).

Pull requests are a seductive focus for measuring community engagement 
because the stats are automatically provided by Github.

But I agree that it's a mistake for any project to measure by that 
single index, as so many do.

In addition to bug reporting and triage, there are also many other 
categories where the community plays a strong supporting role for the 

A few days ago I listed some of the outstanding work being done by so 
many educators in our community to introduce LiveCode to teachers and 
students around the world, and in areas like community technical support 
we see Bernd and Klaus and yourself making very significant 
contributions throughout the forums to help newcomers feel more 
empowered as they learn LiveCode.

One of the reasons I advocated using the domain exclusively 
for the Community Edition is so that we can do a better job of providing 
acknowledgment for the full scope of community contributions.

If you have any thoughts on how we might track those better I would be 
keen to hear them.  Unlike pull requests, which are tallied 
automatically for us, other forms of community contributions are more 
difficult to track, often relying on subjective assessment (and without 
sufficient coffee too easy to forget something important).

Any ideas you or others here have for better assessing and acknowledging 
community contributions would be very welcome.

  Richard Gaskin
  LiveCode Community Liaison
  richard at

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