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Thu May 12 20:57:25 EDT 2016

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>The LC upside WAY outweighs the downside. I'm all in!
>At least that's how I feel.

I want to apologize for hi-jacking Heather's thread. If I had complaints about SFTP I should have written to Kevin directly. If it means we all are now "piling on" to say how much we love this tool. I will also switch my tone herewith and into the future.

Certainly an open language.. if achieved will allow for a great many new extensions at prices we can all afford. I am also "all in" with it comes to Livecode and continue to be a strong advocate. My post did not reflect that at all. I have dabbled with PHP, Javascript and really don't want to bother going with another language. 

Please resume the intended discussion:

Heather wrote: 

"Please go and read this blog post from Kevin, it contains important information I'm sure will interest you!

All the best form Hawaii


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