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Robert Mann rman at
Thu May 12 23:40:50 CEST 2016

Same thought from France! and approximatively same wait period of more than
10 years for audio recording at 44100 kHz compressed audio. 

Now I suspect one point of view would be be :: "well that is precisely what
we want to clear.. by allowing faster wrapping of existing utilities.. we
need the infinitum to complete the audio functions!!!!!! "

Now, i was not aware that the 2013 kickstart only brought 30% of the cost
needed to get livecode 8 through. I thought it would be more 50%.

And I earlier said I would be happy to participate regularly to the
development.. but.. but.. for a more reasonable priced indy "hobbits"
version, and I wrote ok if that cost 150 bucks every now and then.

it is arguable that I could then decide to pour through 75$ more into the
community version instead. (and so on...) But then frankly, I feel the need
for some kind of community guidance body to accompany mothership.

As the situation stands, livecode drives the whole lot. So community money
contributors just support "blindly" livecode without any form of
representation. I wonder how long that can go on just like that. 

That is by no means a message of distrust vis a vis CEO, I have great
respect for what they're up to. I just wonder how viable that form of
"trust" organization is viable. And frankly i'd be curious to learn about
how other communities get organized in such a situation.

As Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami points out, there will always be some tensions
between the two versions. And the resulting balance of functions might never
seen as right so long as decisions are solely taken by one party


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