Inspector LC8 needs work...

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Thu May 12 07:05:57 EDT 2016


Am I the only one, or does the new inspector in LC8 needs some optimizing and bug fixing?
- Select multiple controls to change something for all of them: after a few controls things are getting ssslllooooowwwwwwww
- Select left-aligned fields and center-aligned buttons, while the text-tab of the inspector is active, all items get the alignment of the last selected item
- Select multiple fields to set both the “don’t wrap” and “tab on return” options, only sets one option

And I am missing the layering arrows ,so there is no way of quickly moving a control a few layers up or down. Using the menu is of course silly when you quickly need to move a control 5 layers down...

And this is just my second day in LC8, this is not funny :-(

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