Running Node (or any unix cmd line program) from Shell from a LC Stack

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Mon May 9 19:36:23 EDT 2016

Mike B. worte:
> Try this:
> set the shellcommand to "/bin/bash"
> get shell("source ~/.bash_profile ; <yourcommands here> ")

You are right, of course. For one's own machine this is the
simplest. One could even vice versa write a full (temporary)
shell-profile before using shell.
But if you wish to know if a user has installed a 'default'
binary you wish to use at the 'default' place or elsewhere,
then this could fail.
I am for example nearly always working as root (that's the
only way to avoid silly errors) but never would allow others
to use my root shell.

> Is there any way to get lc to process .bash_profile by default?

Why not set $PATH or $PATH-additions in the preferences?

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