Running Node (or any unix cmd line program) from Shell from a LC Stack

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Sun May 8 21:23:56 EDT 2016

It's sadly a big "not". I've never seen anything else than


in LC's $PATH at startup.

But the $PATH of *any* shell on 10.11.x (SIP enabled)
contains /usr/local/bin [because SIP doesn't allow to
install in /usr/bin].

Everybody could use Warren's comparison from above
on his Mac for that.

Is it possible, that LC's $PATH is simply set and not
been asked from the OS?

The following works for me.

function getPath p
  set itemdel to colon
  if "/usr/local/bin" is not among the items of $PATH
  then put "/usr/local/bin:" before $PATH
  set itemdel to comma
  return shell("which" && p)
end getPath

mwieder wrote
>> Is it worth an enhancement request to add "/usr/local/bin" by default
>> to LC's global $PATH on Mac?
> Possibly. Maybe an addendum to 
>, although that's four 
> years old now (wow - even Mark Waddingham's enhancement requests don't 
> get any love).
> I think the documentation on the shell() command needs some work to 
> cover things like this (hint for anyone who wants to take this task on). 
> The shell you get when you invoke the shell() command is a bit the same 
> as the shell you get in the terminal prompt and a bit not. You're 
> running into one of the nots.
> Another way around this is to specify the absolute path to node instead 
> of letting the OS get it from the PATH env variable. You could also 
> change the PATh setting in one of the config rc files... I'm not at my 
> Mac right now, so I can't tell you which one.
> -- 
>   Mark Wieder

> ahsoftware@

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