Running Node (or any unix cmd line program) from Shell from a LC Stack

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Sun May 8 19:11:12 EDT 2016

On 05/08/2016 03:06 PM, [-hh] wrote:
> On Mac, especially 10.11.x (with SIP enabled) , most user
> installations MUST go into "/usr/local/bin".
> So adjust the LC global $PATH to shell's $PATH. Minimal:
> on preopenstack
>    put "/usr/local/bin:" before $PATH
>    -- put ":/usr/local/bin" after $PATH
> end preopenstack
> The second line prefers "system installations" before "user installations".
> [Is it worth an enhancement request to add "/usr/local/bin" by default
> to LC's global $PATH on Mac?]

Possibly. Maybe an addendum to, although that's four 
years old now (wow - even Mark Waddingham's enhancement requests don't 
get any love).

I think the documentation on the shell() command needs some work to 
cover things like this (hint for anyone who wants to take this task on). 
The shell you get when you invoke the shell() command is a bit the same 
as the shell you get in the terminal prompt and a bit not. You're 
running into one of the nots.

Another way around this is to specify the absolute path to node instead 
of letting the OS get it from the PATH env variable. You could also 
change the PATh setting in one of the config rc files... I'm not at my 
Mac right now, so I can't tell you which one.

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at

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