iOS iPad Simulator 9.3 keyboard

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Sat May 7 16:58:12 EDT 2016

Hi Randy - it¹s just a simulator thing. Type cmd-K (or choose
Keyboard>Toggle Software Keyboard from the simulator¹s Hardware menu) to
display the full keyboard.


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>Hi All,
>I¹ve just installed El Capitan and LC 7.1.4 and LC8 and Xcode 7.3.1
>I did so to build for iOS9.3
>I¹m updating at app currently on the app store and all has been just fine
>with itŠ just want to add a couple features.
>When using the ³ask² command in the 8.2 simulator and on a device, the
>iOS keyboard appears as expectedŠ and setting the type to ³numeric² also
>works as expected.
>However, when running the same stack in the 9.3 simulator, the keyboard
>barely shows at the bottom of the screen. There seems to be no way to
>move it up. I won¹t have an iPad to try it on until tomorrow or Monday.
>I saw nothing in the dictionary to suggest a need for a workaround.
>Any thoughts?
>be well,
>Randy Hengst
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