Matchchunk and the variables list

James Hale james at
Fri May 6 22:28:24 EDT 2016

When I try this.... 

  put "hello there" into tstring 
   put "llo" into tfind 
   put 0 into ss 
   put 0 into se 
   if matchchunk(tstring,tfind,ss,se) then 
      put tstring&return&ss&return&se 
   end if 

I expect to get... 
   hello there 

Whereas I get.... 
   hello there 

The matchchunk expression worked (I got to the put statement) but the variable list was ignored. 

What am I missing (apart from the start and end variables) 


P.S. Posting via the babble interface seems to have a gotcha in that if you do not paste to the sub-forum the post doesn't seem to get to the list.

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