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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu May 5 14:55:19 EDT 2016

Kevin Miller wrote:

 > Almost right. We were aiming for complete parity for the heavier
 > weight browser renderer in the widget to provide perfect cross
 > platform compatibility and for exactly these sorts of reasons but
 > it wasn't possible due to some platform specific issues we found
 > integrating the framework.
 > However PDF should still work on all platforms because:
 > Windows & Linux are CEF (Chromium)
 > Mac is WebView (WebKit based)
 > iOS is UIWebView (WebKit based)
 > Android is Android WebView
 > Mac & iOS WebKit can handle it (we had originally planned to use
 > Chromium on everything to get a completely consistent experience
 > but had to withdraw it due to Mac specific CEF bugs).
 > On Android there is an extra step:
 > If your PDF is at:
 > You need to wrap it with the Google doc viewer by setting the widget
 > URL on Android to:
 > Chromium should be able to handle PDF on Windows/Linux. That said I
 > did just see a crash when trying it just now on Windows (avoidable
 > for now by using the same method as for Android). Panos has filed a
 > bug :)

Way cool - thanks.

Good news for everyone who's been clamoring for PDF rendering in the 
Indy and Community versions of LC.

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