LC8 Geometry Manager with DataGrid

Terence Heaford t.heaford at
Thu May 5 20:43:09 CEST 2016

I have previously created my own updateGeometry handler but as I had not used LC8 seriously before

I thought this would be a good time to start.

So far, disappointed.

Replaced my own button bar with a NavBar and found it did not work as expected.

Thought I would try the Geometry Manager again, changed all the settings of everything only to find the DataGrid does not work.

Now you are saying a new product has been released with known deprecated feature that does not work.

I am thinking, should I continue as this “STABLE” release is actually another DP.

Should someone from LC produce and publish a list of things that don’t work?

Would you suggest I get out my backup and start working again in 6.7.11?

Have looked in the release notes and there is no mention of the above.

Sorry for the semi sarcasm, it’s rather frustrating.

All the best


> On 5 May 2016, at 19:27, Mike Kerner <MikeKerner at> wrote:
> I believe the GM has been deprecated, unfortunately.  You have to do it
> manually, or set up substacks with different layouts.  If you use tmc, the
> job is a bit easier.  What are you working on, T?

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