Weird behavior of LC 8.0 in Ubuntu 14.04

Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Wed May 4 17:21:30 EDT 2016

Running Ubuntu 14.04 - AMD64

I downloaded LiveCodeCommunityInstaller-8_0_0-Linux.x64 from

When the installation finished I clicked on the run button but it did 
not run. I was able to start it using the Dash.

At some point I was asked if I wanted to update to LC 8 DP16. Before 
this install I did not have any version of LC 8 on this machine. I do 
have LC 7.1.1 on it.

Once running I noticed that the menu bar was dark black with very faint, 
unreadable gray menu items. Dropping down the menu gives the same look. 
Dragging the mouse over them highlites them and makes them readable.

Now the weird part.

I have 2 monitors. The left hand one is hdmi and the right hand one is 
dvi.  The right hand one is the default monitor, meaning all the boot up 
messages appear on that monitor. When I run LC 8 the splash screen 
appears on the left hand monitor and LC opens on the right hand monitor. 
As soon as live code opens the left hand monitor goes completely black. 
  The first time it happened I thought the monitor had turned off.  I 
found that if I drag an open program from the right hand monitor to the 
left hand one the background remains black but the Dash, the Launcher 
and the program I dragged over all appear. If I drag the open program 
back to the right hand monitor the left hand on goes black again.

I have been using LC 7.1.1 with out seeing this behavior, as a test I 
opened LC 7.1.1 and now it did the same thing. I opened 20 some other 
programs and LC is the only on that causes this behavior.

I did some experimenting and found the cause. The menu entry 
View-->Backdrop was checked.  Once I unchecked it the problem went away.
Note: It is possible that I checked Backdrop when I was trying to make 
the menu bar more readable.

I am curious to see if any other Ubuntu users are seeing anything 
similar.  For now I am guessing that LC 8 is somehow interacting with 
some desktop or theme setting I have set.

Regards,  Jim

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