Community PDF Project (was Revenue and the Open Source edition)

RM richmondmathewson at
Wed May 4 12:13:29 EDT 2016

I would suppose the ideal thing would be both something that allows one 
to render a PDF document,
and extract all or part of an embedded text layer (if one exists in the 
original PDF).


On 4.05.2016 17:22, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Tim Bleiler wrote:
> > The Livecode PDF viewer is an example of something that might do
> > well as a separate option.
> It might.
> It would be helpful if more folks read the specs for the PDF external 
> LiveCode is including with their Business Edition.  It's very 
> specialized, with extensive features for getting and setting 
> selections far beyond the needs of most projects.
> What I'm hearing from most Indy and Community devs is that they merely 
> want to render a PDF within LiveCode.
> Given the PDFium library available for that, and that LiveCode Builder 
> supports binary APIs such as those in that library, if this is a 
> lucrative opportunity it would seem worth pursuing for those who want it.
> The developer could sell it as proprietary, or even dual-license it 
> with a GPL version.
> Anyone sufficiently convinced of the business opportunity here to take 
> this on?

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