Community PDF Project (was Revenue and the Open Source edition)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed May 4 10:22:38 EDT 2016

Tim Bleiler wrote:

 > The Livecode PDF viewer is an example of something that might do
 > well as a separate option.

It might.

It would be helpful if more folks read the specs for the PDF external 
LiveCode is including with their Business Edition.  It's very 
specialized, with extensive features for getting and setting selections 
far beyond the needs of most projects.

What I'm hearing from most Indy and Community devs is that they merely 
want to render a PDF within LiveCode.

Given the PDFium library available for that, and that LiveCode Builder 
supports binary APIs such as those in that library, if this is a 
lucrative opportunity it would seem worth pursuing for those who want it.

The developer could sell it as proprietary, or even dual-license it with 
a GPL version.

Anyone sufficiently convinced of the business opportunity here to take 
this on?

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