LiveCode Externals etc (was Re: Rust externals [was: Being a developer after 40])

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Tue May 3 18:45:06 EDT 2016

Thanks Richard! More questions (ideally of course you'd simply point me to the 
guide I should have read to have answered these for myself)...

On 03/05/2016 23:24, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Ben Rubinstein wrote:
>> there anyway an explanation of the differences and
^anywhere, obviously

>> relationships between:
>> - widgets
>     Custom controls written in LiveCode Builder with advanced
>     rendering and packaging.

sort of got that.  Is there a guide for how to develop, test, package, 
distribute, install?

>> - libraries
>     Can be written in either LiveCode Script or LiveCode Builder.
>     Note that Builder now has some access to OS APIs, so if your
>     library needs that you'll write it in LC Builder.

OK. What makes it a library? Where do they go, how do they get loaded...?

>> - externals
>     Written in C or other low-level language that can compile to
>     machine code with the Externals SDK
... see previous remarks about the existing guide - is that still accurate?

>> - plugins
>     Any stack present in the Plugins folder so it can be opened
>     from the IDE's Development -> Plugins menu, usually custom
>     development tools.

So plugins are always stacks - or can they be these new-falutin' script-only 
stacks I've heard about?

thanks as always,


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