LiveCode Externals etc (was Re: Rust externals [was: Being a developer after 40])

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue May 3 18:24:56 EDT 2016

Ben Rubinstein wrote:

 > there anyway an explanation of the differences and
 > relationships between:
 > - widgets
     Custom controls written in LiveCode Builder with advanced
     rendering and packaging.

 > - libraries
     Can be written in either LiveCode Script or LiveCode Builder.
     Note that Builder now has some access to OS APIs, so if your
     library needs that you'll write it in LC Builder.

 > - externals
     Written in C or other low-level language that can compile to
     machine code with the Externals SDK

 > - plugins
     Any stack present in the Plugins folder so it can be opened
     from the IDE's Development -> Plugins menu, usually custom
     development tools.

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