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On 3.05.2016 00:50, Monte Goulding wrote:
> One thing that nobody seems to have pointed out is the current price is not $999. As Peter commented (and a number of people seem to have read in a snippy tone unfortunately) the price rises have been and continue to be well telegraphed with the opportunity to lock in the current price. Regardless of that though I do tend to agree that those with turnover of under $20000 or so (and not really likely to expand that) looking at > 5% of that going as an expense on development platform would struggle to justify it. In those cases they would either need to look at other platforms or determine if they can obtain equivalent revenue by changing their business model to use the GPL version. How LiveCode capture the $200 per year or so those users might have on offer without sacrificing revenue from those with higher turnover is something I'm sure is under consideration. Note that I'm not really including those that have a reasonable prospect of revenue growth because they can probably tap into public and private sources of startup support.

That presupposes that the time one is offered to "lock" is convenient for
the developer and that she has the money to do that at that point.

And "public and private sources of startup support" is a very 
USA-Western European-centric view of things.
For the sake of argument, if one were to mention that phrase to someone 
living in the Dominican Republic,
Brazil or Bulgaria (Now why would I pick those 3 countries, I wonder?) 
they might look at you fairly blankly.

"Private joke" for Andre: Hey, let's phone up Dilma Rousseff and ask her 
for a quick $2,000 to fund our startup.


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>> On 3 May 2016, at 1:40 AM, RM <richmondmathewson at> wrote:
>> With the exception of the PDF reader (as you pointed out) for development purposes there is no real difference between Livecode versions
>> (and I am aware that you are pushing for further differentiation, and I understand your rationale), so paying $999 for a year for something whose
>> single difference fron the FREE version is the ability to protect ones' code really does not seem justifiable.
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