FTP on Android

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon May 2 23:03:11 EDT 2016

David Brooks wrote:

 > The app in question has no trouble uploading/downloading text files
 > from a Web site, and it can store/retrieve "local" files on whichever
 > Mac/Windows device it is installed.
 > Files CAN be downloaded using an http protocol (put URL("http://
 > xxxxxx.txt") into fld "XYZ") on Android.
 > As yet no upload strategy to the Web or local storage strategy has
 > succeeded.

Good to see you here, David.

FTP is too dangerous to use - passwords are sent in plain text.

What will be done with the files on the server?  If you already have 
HTTP uploads working, what do you anticipate doing with FTP?

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