Beeing a developer after 40

RM richmondmathewson at
Mon May 2 21:21:13 CEST 2016

I'm not slobbering yet (well, except in anticipation at the first stable 
release of Livecode 8.0),
nor is my father who is pushing 84, nor my mother who should be 86 this 

However there are a fair few slobberers round the streets of Plovdiv; 
some of whom are younger than me.

Whether that is because they are just clean gyte or because they have 
let things slip I cannot work out.

So slobbering can set in at any age . . .

Certainly my parents have not become senile, slobbering whatsits mainly 
they have kept up the mental stimuli as well as having a good. brisk 
walk each day, and not hitting
the bottle or sitting, slack-jawed in front of the telly watching 
mindless pap.

Currently father is trying to create chemical formulae in LibreOffice 
for a paper he is
writing about an educational idea he has about kids using Open Source 
stuff for
Chemistry homework . . . better than slobbering whichever way you cut 


On 2.05.2016 22:14, Francis Nugent Dixon wrote:
> Hi from Beautiful Brittnay,
> Richard,
>> nor to the 60-85 year old crowd
>> (I'll become a slobbering old, senile whatsit in
>> my own good time anyway).
> I think I should take umbrage on the insinuation that
> the 60-85 "crowd" are just "slobbering old, senile whatsits" !
> Whenever it is your time, then slobber (has it already begun ?)"
> I'm streets away ........
> -Francis
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