Standalones on el Capitan?

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Sun May 1 18:46:26 EDT 2016

On 4/30/16, 11:41 PM, "use-livecode on behalf of Monte Goulding" <use-livecode-bounces at on behalf of monte at> wrote:

>In the end you are either making or intending to make money with the platform so $1-2k isn't a deal breaker or you aren't making money so GPL isn't a deal breaker. The middle ground is therefore small and from a cost-benefit perspective may be best squeezed one way of the other.

i’ve tried to stay out of this… as I don’t think anyone is listening… 

Forgive me, Monte.. But I think this is an extremely “blinkered” regressive point of view that seriously limits the possible future user base. The “middle ground” is not small at all. The digital revolution is *exploding* faster than anyone can possibly comprehend. In our very small world wide membership… I can’t count how many young boys and girls would jump on LiveCode if I put them onto it… 

"In the end you are either making or intending to make money” —  simply not true.

There are legions of young hackers and coders who hanker to “make stuff!”  but then, it they want to put it on iOS, they have to pay $1K per year?  Android only may be an option, but not when other free languages will go anywhere.

I think HQ should have a prominent “Pricing” link on their site and the check web stats on “bounces” from that page (people exit the site from that page)…

1) I want an easy fast, up and running language to make cool stuff —> 1 million young hackers who will not make a penny, teachers, in house small business “I need my own tools” type people (like me) 

2) Livecode looks awesome!

3) ?! $999.00 to make an app? Ouch


(young hacker continues searching for a tool that s/he can use/afford…)

Exactly what the pricing model should be… I have no clue. But this new $1K model feels sadly like a 200 lb rock tied to a 100lb company and they just threw the rock over the edge of the boat. I hope I am wrong.


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