Standalones on el Capitan?

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Sun May 1 08:54:13 EDT 2016

My point is only made from the view of the so called "Hobbyist brigade" and
the "Poor boys" who have dreams to buy a house maybe later from the sales
Btw I have nothing against paying for a licence. I own a team licence of
Appcelerator Studio which costs me  $3.250/year so that is not my point.


On 14:46, Sun, May 1, 2016 Monte Goulding <monte at> wrote:

> Hmm... If you believe in your idea and business plan then make the
> investment just like if you believe the property market will go up then buy
> a house. There's risk in getting out of bed in the morning but it doesn't
> outweigh the benefits ;-)
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> > On 1 May 2016, at 10:11 PM, Erik Beugelaar <ebeugelaar at> wrote:
> >
> > I agree but if you have a brilliant idea for an iOS app and you believe
> it
> > will generate money in future you need audiance. And for iOS the only
> > common way is the AppStore to present your app to buy or offer it as free
> > download to turn it later if succesfull in a payed version ot
> subscription
> > model...
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