Standalones on el Capitan?

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Sun May 1 03:41:03 EDT 2016

Please do not mention my roof: I was up there after a few really violent 
April showers messing around with a blow torch
on the tar-paper - and I'm scared of heights.

Nobody is going to spin me the vast amount required to RENT Livecode 

AND I really DON'T want to RENT anything: I want to buy a commercial 
version that will stand me in as good stead as LC 4.5 IS still doing.

So, let's turn this from a discussion about Richmond's roof to one about
how the Livecode folk imagine they are going to get the "Hobby brigade" 
and the "Poor boys"
to buy/rent any type of Livecode other than the Free version at the 
current prices they are
asking . . . .

Let's also have a "chew" about rental versus ownership.

There have been some rumblings, but I don't think this has ever been 
really addressed fully.

I wonder if by doing 2 things almost at the same time:

1. Producing an Open Source, Free version.

2. Hiking the price of the commercial version sky-high.

Livecode won't end up doing something which they probably did not intend.

I thought (and, hey, I've been wrong many times) that they general idea
was that developers who might want to protect code developed using the 
Free version
might be prepared to buy/rent the protected version.

However, a very large number of developers may not be pulling in the 
money at a sufficient rate for the
to feel comfortable to shell out the high price of a commercial version.

This argument begins to resemble the one I banged on about for ages in 
the DreamCard days . . .


On 1.05.2016 06:09, Kay C Lan wrote:
> As Richard and Paul have said plus, you've got more to worry about than
> just converting numToChar to numToCodePoint as per your other post.
> Just minutes ago I received a quote of the day email from my uncle that
> said:
> Fix the roof whilst the sun is shining.
> So to rephrase Richard and Paul: 4.5's sunny days are well and truly over,
> the storm clouds are brewing, the barometric pressure continues to fall and
> it's already started drizzling! It's your choice as to when you fix the
> roof.
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