the detailed folders returning incorrect data

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jun 30 22:46:27 CEST 2016

Peter TB Brett wrote:

 > On 30/06/2016 20:48, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> My understanding is that Windows lacks true POSIX file-system-level
 >> permissions as found in Linux and in Unix flavors like macOS.
 >> While it does have file attributes, I believe there is no
 >> file-system-level support for granting different rights to different
 >> users, and that the difference between users isn't managed in the
 >> file system, but in the OS layer above it.
 > The opposite is true.  The Windows filesystem has direct support for
 > fine-grained access control lists that provide very good support for
 > restricting many types of access to users and groups.  It's a system
 > that's actually considerable more powerful -- and subtle -- that
 > POSIX permissions and, as far as I'm aware, LiveCode doesn't
 > currently support accessing or manipulating that data at all.

Given Windows' market share I suppose it's comforting to learn their 
file system is more secure than Mac or Linux.

But of course the architecture is one thing; how it's applied is 
something else, which is perhaps why we come across so many writers 
noting permissions among ongoing issue with Windows, e.g.:

Not being a security expert myself, I'll just continue using OSes with 
fewer logged CVEs, and keep my Windows installs in disposable VMs.  As 
I'd written, being one of the many whose only compromised system was 
running Windows, I'm not the person anyone wants writing notes about 
Windows issues.  Perhaps my opinion of the file system specifically is 
unfair with their more recent enhancements, but after decades of seeing 
the company favor developer convenience over end-user security my 
suspicions have been well-earned.

Back on topic, your description suggests that showing "777" for Windows 
files is indeed a bug in LC, since it doesn't accurately reflect the 
permissions of the file, yes?

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